" The value of a man resides in what he gives "

- Albert Einstein

Help us to address the predicament and morbidity that Rare diseases and Bone marrow Failure Disorders present, through Science, with the aim of restoring hope and life to patients and their families!

Rare diseases are often a neglected set of disorders, as both governments and pharmaceutical companies are burdened with funding the more commonly occurring diseases in all communities of the world. Funding from all available sources must therefore be sought if progress towards a cureof these rare conditions is to be achieved.

Your donations could be used towards:

  • Collecting and transporting patient samples to CRG.BMD from all over India
  • Our precision medicine initiative: Help to determine the causative DNA mutations in the patient through Next Generation Sequencing methods, which could help identify specific therapeutic measures for the patient
  • Fund research programs designed to unravel the biology underlying rare genetic conditions
  • Fund studies on specific Rare Diseases and Bone Marrow Failure Disorders
  • Donation in the name of a cherished family member or foundation

Your kindness and generosity will pave the way to a brighter future for afflicted patients, especially children.

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